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Resting Scrooge Face

By Meghan Quinn

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If you’re looking for a short holiday story to bring a smile to your face, this is the one. This is the perfect little piece of escapism to enjoy while you’re taking a break from everyday life.

Did I wish that this was a longer story? Not really. It was advertised as a short story and that’s just what I wanted. It delivered the right amount of humor, romance, and festive cheer.

My favorite part of the story was definitely the letters between Resting Scrooge Face and Ho Ho No. I loved their banter, their disdain for their town’s Christmas festivities, and their general attitudes toward the holiday season, which made me liken them to anti-Hallmark-Christmas-movie people.

Resting Scrooge Face did what it was meant to do. It made me smile, laugh, and look forward to the holiday season with my loved ones!

*4.5 Stars