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What You Wish For

By Katherine Center

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Katherine Center has become a must-read author for me.  I don’t even have to read the synopsis for her upcoming release to know that I want to read it.  She’s a sure thing, a go-to, and a creative soul who never fails to inspire me with the beauty and depth of her characters and their stories.

What You Wish For was just what I needed.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a reader, I always need a good book, but this one just came at the perfect time, its message hit home, and the story transported me within its pages and provided the ideal reprieve from the real world. 

When I first began What You Wish For, I was almost certain that it was going to be a quirky, fun, light reading experience.  I should have known better.  While it did have whimsical characters, lighthearted and witty banter, it also had a great deal of depth.  Don’t be fooled by all of the fabulous, bold, colorful attires, settings, and larger-than-life personalities that are described in all of their glory, these characters are multi-layered to perfection.  They are real, flawed, and ultimately so human and easy to connect with.  They jump off the pages and right into the reader’s heart.

If you are looking for a well-rounded novel, look no further.  If romance is your passion, get ready for a slow-burning romance that will keep you flipping the pages in anticipation.  This book is timely, relevant, and simply overflowing with so much emotion.  This book made me think, feel, hope, cry, and overall made me want to fill my life with joy and gratitude.

I spent so much of my time highlighting meaningful passages from this novel that I am going to stencil a couple of them on the walls of my home.  What You Wish For is a touching, mesmerizing, lovely, humorous, joyful novel that will not soon be forgotten.

*5 Stars