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Review Requests

Are you an indie or traditionally published author?  Do you have a book that you would like to have reviewed? Well, you're in luck because we are always looking for a new, great book to read!

While between the two of us, we cover most genres, we are both very specific about what we like from those genres. You can tell by looking at our website who would be most interested in reading your book and if it fits within either of our genres.

Please take a close look at the genres that we read. We do not read non-fiction or children's literature.

Please include:

- Book title and synopsis

- Genre(s)

- Page count - generally, we do not read short stories.

- Release date - turnaround time for us to read/review can be up to two months.

- A link to the book on your website, Amazon, or Goodreads.

- Do you have a mobi version available to send us?  A pdf version does not work well with our Kindle devices.

- Is there a book that we have read that you would compare yours to? (This is not a requirement, but it's an added bonus for us.)

Do not include:

- Spoilers - We don't want to know if your book has an HEA (happily ever after), or cliffhanger ending. What's the point of reading a book if we know the ending?!

Please understand that we receive a great deal of review requests.  We do read every e-mail, but we cannot possibly read every book. Reading is a pastime and a form of escapism for us. We want to read books that engage, entertain, and take us away from reality for a while. It is up to you to make us want to read your book.  If we agree to read your book, we may not review it.  We are here to help promote authors.  If your book didn't work for us, it doesn't do either of us (the author or the reader) any good for us to review it.  We do not believe in trashing an author's hard work.  We do, however, believe in honest reviews.

*Due to the large number of review requests that we receive, we will only reply to the ones that we are interested in reviewing.  

We can't wait to read your next bestseller!