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The Rabbit Factor

By Antti Tuomainen

​I’ve been intrigued by Antti Tuomainen’s books for quite some time now; his books give off a very definite impression of dark mixed with some quirky comedy. The Rabbit Factor definitely maintained this impression.

Henri is the star of this story, needless to say, his life was turned upside down when he lost his job crunching numbers and began managing the people at the amusement…sorry, “adventure park” that he inherited from his brother. It was fun following Henri as he navigated the illogical life he inherited. I really enjoyed how Henri would apply his mathematical logic to situations that are completely unpredictable and based on human emotional decisions. This juxtaposition made for a really fun read.

The Rabbit Factor is on the lighter side of Nordic Noir. There is a criminal element, but our protagonist is more interested in survival than taking down the bad guys. Unlike most of the Nordic Noir that I’ve read, Henri doesn’t really have a dark side, he is a special kind of person, but he doesn’t have a dark cloud following him around. Did I miss this aspect? Not really, it was refreshing to have a protagonist who was friendly and upbeat. Henri had a checkered past, but it seems to have made him stronger, he doesn’t allow it to keep him down.

The Rabbit Factor was a fun book to read. It was a different type of story. It reinforced that I really should add more Antti Tuomainen to my reading list.

*4 Stars

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