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I read Peng Shepherd’s debut book, The Book of M. It was a good story; I appreciate how she went in a completely different direction with The Cartographers, it was not the same type of story, but the style was still there.

I love how she didn’t give much away with the synopsis, and I’ll do the same. Kudos to Shepherd for going somewhere completely off the map. The ideas she put together in this story were completely unique. I was taken off guard with the story behind that cheap gas station highway map. We all know them; we’ve all struggled with folding them. It’s a fun concept that they could have deep dark secrets.

Unfortunately, there were a few parts of the story that were just a little, meh. Then there was the interpersonal story.  It was all a wee bit too predictable. There’s the bad guy…here comes the love interest…there really weren’t any plot twists that weren’t telegraphed chapters ahead. Keep some secrets…I want shocks and surprises.

All in all, I did enjoy The Cartographers, yes, I didn’t want the direction to be so blatantly laid out, but that’s me.

*4 Stars

The Cartographers

By Peng Shepherd

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