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The Book of M

By Peng Shepherd

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​This is one of those books that piqued my interest long before it was released.  The whole idea of lost memories tied to an apocalyptic loss of shadows was new and unique.  I love it when an author says: let’s make a different apocalypse.

Shepherd kept the cast of characters tight with a fabulous supporting cast for each one.  There are four main storylines, at first I wondered how or if they were all going to be pulled together.  Each of these characters had their own strengths and faults.  What I loved about Shepherd’s apocalypse was its indiscriminate nature - who would be infected, when and why was completely random.  In the end, all of the storylines were brought together in a satisfying fashion.

Perhaps I read too many post-apocalyptic/dystopian books (if that’s even possible).  While the nature of this one was exceptionally innovative, there were many familiar aspects and things that I’ve seen before.  Why do these things play out so frequently within this genre?  It’s hard to say.

In the end, The Book of M was very entertaining.  It kept me guessing the whole way through, and I cared about the characters.  The way it ended…I certainly didn’t see that coming.

Would I read another book by Peng Shepherd?  Absolutely!  Do I think there is more story to be told here?  Perhaps, but it really isn’t necessary.

*4 Stars