I’m so glad that I finally got around to reading this novel.  The Kiss Quotient had been sitting on my TBR list for far too long.

I love novels that portray characters with realistic traits.  I’m never on the hunt for that ideal character or couple who epitomizes perfection.  I want to connect with the characters, feel for them, cheer them on, and adore them.  I adored Stella and Michael.

Stella is an econometrician.  Numbers are her jam.  While she is a highly successful, career-minded woman, her dating life is less than stellar.  With a mother who “badgers” her about getting a boyfriend, Stella knows that she could use some instruction in the dating and intimacy department.  So, what’s a woman to do but hire a professional escort to show her the ropes.  

Michael has his reasons for being an escort.  His pretty face gets him enough clients to serve his purpose.  He’s a mixture of gentleman, bad boy, dirty talker, and all-around good guy.  Stella was unlike any of his other clients, but that suited him just fine.  Stella chose Michael because he was pleasing to the eye, but he ended up being so much more.  He was kind, patient, and considerate to her.  For him, it wasn’t a chore to be all of these things to Stella, he truly enjoyed being around her.

You can tell from the synopsis that this book is going to have some steamy parts, but the chemistry between these two main characters is off the charts.  I enjoyed witnessing the interactions between Stella and Michael.  The business arrangement that they agreed upon mixed with all of the time that they spent in close proximity to one another created the perfect recipe for romantic tension.

There was so much to like about The Kiss Quotient.  Helen Hoang has created a fascinating cast of diverse characters that I immediately liked, especially Michael’s boisterous family.  While the book does contain a lot of steamy scenes, there is so much emotion, heart, sensitivity, growth, and acceptance among the characters.

I’m already looking forward to reading Khai and Quan’s stories!

*4 Stars

The Kiss Quotient

By Helen Hoang

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