I’ve gotten to the point where more often than not I want a book that is a full complete story. There are few and far between that a story leaves me wanting more of that story. Red Rising was such a captivating story and Darrow, an incredible character, that I needed to follow along to see where his destiny would lead him.

Golden Son did not disappoint!

Brown has given enough time between the two stories for Darrow to establish himself in his new situation. Pieces have fallen into place for him; other pieces beyond his control have gone awry. I was easily able to immerse myself right back into Darrow’s adventure.

This universe of Brown’s creation is fascinating; he has made something so different feel so very familiar. His world building is the cream of the crop. I love how Brown has taken the time to go beyond the main cast, the supporting characters each have an individual past that comes into play throughout the story. But it is not just the characters, this universe is our future; Brown takes us from here to there with familiar names and places, a future world built on our past.

Without getting into the details, because you will want them for yourself, Brown is fearless in his plotting. I can’t wait to see where we’re off to next.

*5 Stars


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Golden Son

(Red Rising #2)

By Pierce Brown