Before Us

By Jewel E. Ann

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Whenever I see that Jewel E. Ann has a new book coming out, I add it to my to-be-read list without even reading the synopsis. I’ve read enough of her books to have faith in her ability to make me feel a gazillion emotions, make me laugh, and deliver a romance that is off the swoon meter (yes, it’s a thing).

I’m a reader who is always drawn to the books that promise angst. I want to feel everything that the characters are experiencing. I want all of the butterflies, the palpitations, the pain in the pit of my stomach, the fraught nerves, and even the heartache. Give me a book that takes its time developing the relationship between the characters and I’m even more in my element. I love the slow, exhilarating journey of falling in love. Jewel E. Ann promised the angst, and boy, did she ever deliver it!

Before Us had my full attention right from the beginning and refused to let me go until the final page. I wanted to spend every minute that I had reading this book. I was completely enamored with the characters and their story. I was captivated by the friendships, the adventures, the heartbreak, and the romance. I was riveted, and all in for every part of it. I believed in it wholeheartedly.

As I mentioned, I love a slow-burning romance. This one was exquisite, with the perfect amount of push and pull and plenty of the will they/won’t they moments that I always crave. In past months, I had been having a difficult time finding those special novels that elicit the angsty emotions from me, the ones that keep me clutching my Kindle, and wondering if it would or could work out for the characters in the end. I had missed those novels immensely. Before Us gave me just what I had been missing in my reading. I don’t think that I could have loved this book any more than I did. Do yourself a favor and read this book, you won’t be disappointed.

*5 Stars