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The Hollow Kind

By Andy Davidson

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From reading the description of this book, it had everything going on that I was looking for: someone escaping a horrible life, an isolated farmhouse, a hidden evil that has terrorized a family; all with that Southern charm and setting. I was stoked to dig into The Hollow Kind.

As I began my journey into The Hollow Kind, I thought, damn, this guy is good! The setting, the characters, the atmosphere; Davidson is really setting the atmosphere! It is dark and gloomy, I could feel the presence hanging over Redfern Hill, or perhaps I should say buried deep within Redfern Hill. We meander through three different timelines, learning about all the characters so that I could know who they were, and what made them into the people they had become. I was having a great time with the first third of The Hollow Kind.

I felt the second third continued on much as the first. Andy Davidson’s great writing, Susie James’ eerie presentation (I listened to the Audible), with atmosphere, atmosphere, and more atmosphere. This book had so much atmosphere that I began to lose the story. I felt like too much time was spent on setting things up without much of anything really happening. I like books that take their time, slowly revealing their secrets, and pulling me into the details; but something has to happen.

By the time I got to the final third I couldn’t have cared less about Nellie Gardener and her little boy, Max. I had become so bogged down with the atmosphere that I just wanted the story to be over. The ending was action-packed, chock-full of details, but quite frankly I just wanted to burn that house down, clear-cut the forest and napalm the property just to make sure. All of this done from a safe distance would have been fine; not a great way to end a fiction horror story, but I really wasn’t there by the end.

*3.5 Stars