Leave it to Brom to take an old tale and turn it into a fantastic story.

Brom expertly and authentically takes us back in time to the seventeenth century. Slewfoot was not only filled with the misogynistic brutality of a bygone era; but he fearlessly portrayed the ethnocentric ignorance of past generations. Brom kept his characters true to their time and place. We certainly have come a long way in the past five hundred years.

The characters in the story were efficiently developed, Abitha was far more developed than the others, but she is the center of the story. Each of the other characters were filled in just to the exact point that we needed for the story.

Having read Krampus, I had a feeling that Brom wasn’t simply going to write a story about a devil and a witch in Colonial New England…that would be far too simple. This story had layers, an intertwining of good and evil. Just like in real life, things just aren’t that simple, there are layers of gray everywhere. Our heroes are based on their actions and not which color hat they wear.

I loved the meandering trail I blazed with Brom throughout Slewfoot. He placed me in the time and place and made me connect with his protagonist. I was left not only shocked but appalled.

*5 Stars

Slewfoot: A Tale of Bewitchery

By Brom

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