Camp Damascus

By Chuck Tingle

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​Chuck Tingle is a name that I had heard for a while now. Back a few years ago I took a look at his catalogue and thought, “Wow! I don’t think that this stuff is for me.” There is only so much butt stuff I can handle and when butts are getting pounded by their own butt, that is just too much butt for me. It is pretty evident that Chuck Tingle has a political leaning (please see Domald Tromp series), and I have a pretty good inkling of which way Tingle leans; and I can respect that. So, when an author is still going strong with hundreds of books under his belt (probably somewhere near his butt) and has a horror release, you know I’m going to read it.

Camp Damascus was a well-developed story with some interesting characters. The synopsis was brief, but intriguing, it really gives nothing away. It did fall out the way I expected but the unexpected is good. I was pulled into Rose’s story and enjoyed the ride.

Personally, what pushed this story over the top was how it made me feel, and let’s be honest, art is supposed to make you feel. CAMP DAMASCUS MADE ME MAD! I am sick and tired of these holier than thou far right religious freaks calling everyone out as demons of Satan. Using the words of Jesus to justify, by any means possible, violence toward those that don’t agree with them. Quoting the Old Testament as justification for taking an eye for and eye. These bible thumpers go on and on with, “man shall not lie with man as he doth with woman” as they eat a pulled pork sandwich with extra bacon. If the Old Testament is gospel, follow it, and leave the bacon for me! For me, Jesus was about two things: love and acceptance. You do you, I’ll do me, and no one needs to hurt anyone else over it.

So, yeah, Chuck Tingle and Camp Damascus made me feel all of this. Sorry if I went too far, but Camp Damascus kicks butt!

*5 Stars