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(The Tempting Series #1)
 By Alex Lucian

​This is not the story of a meek young woman who is simply smitten with her university professor.  First of all, Adele Morello is not meek.  She is feisty, and when she wants something, she goes after it.  In this case, she knows exactly who she wants…and it’s her professor, Nathaniel Easton.

A night out at a club is an escape for Nathaniel, one that he is not accustomed to having.  When he bumps into a beautiful young woman, little does he know that this chance encounter will only be the beginning for them.  After sharing a night of passion – intense passion – he is oblivious to who this woman is.  She, on the other hand, knows exactly who she spent the night with, and she wants a repeat.

As I mentioned, Adele goes after what she wants.  I appreciate a heroine who isn’t portrayed as an innocent, eye-batting, inexperienced woman.  Despite having issues of her own (which I won’t divulge), she comes across as a strong willed, confident young woman who knows her body and what she desires. 

The relationship that develops between Adele and Nathan is nothing short of explosive.  While he attempts to ward her off and make it clear that he is off limits, he also wars with his own desire to be with her.  They satisfy each other, they feed off each other’s passion and are able to lose themselves completely when they come together.

Nathan has been dealing with guilt and regret for the past four years.  He doesn’t believe that he deserves to be happy or to find comfort.  Adele makes him feel again, and makes him happy.  When they’re together he finds himself looking forward instead of dwelling in the past. This brings his guilt back to the forefront, making him harsh, volatile, and sometimes cruel towards Adele.  My heart plummeted on many occasions with the way he behaved and spoke to her.  She had her own flaws, but she just needed to be wanted and loved. 

I loved the push and pull and the tension between the characters.  Their relationship was complicated, messy and raw, keeping me completely invested in their story.  It was a fast paced read that kept my interest piqued from beginning to end.  Filled with intensity, passion, and intriguing characters, I will be looking forward to more books in this series.

*4 Stars  

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