Once again, I am mesmerized by the beauty of this love story.  Just as the previous books in the series, Awaken is overflowing with intense emotion, passion, and a powerful love that is true, loyal, and unwavering.

There are books that you just read, and then there are books that seem to pull you into the story.  Each book in this series pulled me deeper into Liv and Dean’s lives and made me experience and feel the emotions right along with them.  Since the book is told from dual points of view, it allowed me to get to know and understand each character, their insecurities, their hopes and fears, and the depth of their love for each other. 

Liv and Dean have had their share of hardships and heartbreak, but they have always been at their strongest when they are together.  Their need and love for each other has always been the shining light to lead them back to where they’re at their best – together.   But in Awaken, we get to witness them grow individually. 

Their story picks up right where Allure left off.  Facing false allegations that have temporarily suspended him at the university, Dean has left to work as an advisor on an archeological dig in Italy.  Despite his apprehension of leaving Liv back in Mirror Lake, she convinces him that it’s in both of their best interests for him to go. 

With everything that has transpired in their personal life and Dean’s career, Dean needs to find a sense of calm and control again, and Liv needs to try to find her place in the world – on her own.  Even though they were apart, their connection, their love, and intimacy was ever present and blossoming.  Although their road was still laden with bumps, they never lost sight of what was truly important to them. 

I can’t say enough kind words about this series.  It is one of the most romantic, touching stories that I have ever read.  When a book can evoke so many emotions in a reader, it’s a true testament to the author’s ability.  I spent the better part of the book highlighting passages that made my insides melt, and the last hour of the book wiping the tears from my eyes. 

I have enjoyed every minute of this journey with Liv and Dean.  Throughout all of their ups and downs, their relationship and love just grew stronger and more impenetrable to the outside world. 

“My husband and I will always be two people living one life of perfect imperfection.  We’ll always live here, in the place of Liv and Dean, where problems are solved and locks are opened.  A place of infinite love, persistence, tenderness, passion, acceptance, and forgiveness.  A place where wishes are granted, dreams come true, and stories have happy endings – not because of fate or magic, but because we love each other so hard and so well.”

Nina Lane has written a beautiful love story that will not soon be forgotten.

I highly recommend this series! 

*5 Stars

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(Spiral of Bliss #3)
By Nina Lane