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Slammed - By Colleen Hoover

This is Colleen Hoover’s debut novel! I couldn’t believe it. She writes such a good story that it’s hard to believe that it’s her first! This is the first novel in a trilogy.

Slammed is about a girl, named Layken, who moves from Texas to Michigan with her mother and her brother after the sudden death of her father. She is eighteen years old and in her senior year of high school and isn’t all that happy to be moving away from her home. She soon meets two of her new neighbors, Will Cooper and his little brother Caulder. Layken’s brother Kel hits it off immediately with Caulder and they become fast friends. Layken and Will are also drawn to each other and end up having a few awkward interactions. They end up going out on a date and learning a bit about each other. Everything seems to be going well….but it doesn’t last long!

I refuse to give anything away! This book is just too good, you have to experience it for yourself. It is a sweet story, but it will have you smiling, laughing out loud, and crying your heart out. The author has developed some fabulous characters. You will honestly feel like you know them. Kel and Caulder are just so quirky and funny that you will wish that they were your brothers.

I highly recommend this book and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

5 Stars