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I couldn’t wait to start reading this book! I love novels that are about student/teacher relationships, and I've had a craving for one for a long time…and let me just say that this book did not disappoint!

It was impossible for me to tear myself away from this book once I started reading it. The characters and the story had me completely engrossed in the book right from the beginning. The characters were so unique and each had their own issues that they were trying to cope with and overcome. The emotions, the turmoil and the tragedies that they faced were so heart wrenching that you felt as though you were experiencing the pain right along with them.

Sometimes out of tragedy, there is hope and light – something remarkable, pure and good. This is the sentiment that this book evoked for me. This book ended up being so much more than just a student/teacher romance. It is a story about family, grief, acceptance, forgiveness, and love.

The love story between Daniel (yes, his first name is Daniel!) and Ashlyn was so well done…sigh. How could anyone not fall for a gorgeous English teacher who also just happens to be in a band! The chemistry and connection between them was so sincere, meaningful, and lovely. Oh, with a good “forbidden” romance there’s always problems, heartbreak and those “uh-oh” moments. Two people who were destined to be together, who needed the comfort and serenity that the other provided, but who just met at the wrong time. They long to be together, but have to hide their feelings and their relationship from everyone for the sake of social propriety.

“She longed to hold my hand in the light, not only in the shadows.”

I especially loved how the author began the chapters with a quote from one of the songs by Romeo’s Quest (Mr. Daniels' band). It was great addition to the book and made me love it even more! I found the whole book to be absolutely beautiful and touching. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment that I spent reading Loving Mr. Daniels. I am looking forward to reading more books by Brittainy C. Cherry.

* 5 Stars*

Loving Mr. Daniels 
 By Brittainy C. Cherry