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(Spiral of Bliss #1)
By Nina Lane

This was a very well written and “real” novel. It was a pleasure to read and had me hooked right from the beginning. The characters could be anyone you know…they could be you. Their emotions and problems were something that could be encountered in normal everyday life.

This novel is about Olivia and Dean West. When they meet he is a university professor and she is a student. Since he was not her professor, the story doesn’t really go into the whole “forbidden” aspect. They have a definite attraction to one another and soon they start to date. The novel goes from the present day to their past, but it is actually very helpful in understanding their story. It will also be told from Olivia’s perspective and Dean’s perspective, which I personally enjoy in a book.

Olivia had a very tumultuous upbringing and has a lot of issues from her past that still plague her. She suffers from panic attacks that will leave her breathless. Dean is a source of calm and comfort to her. She feels better when he is near her. He needs her as well. They have a deep connection and love for one another. Olivia and Dean marry and have been together for a few years and they seem to have a perfect life together. They do have a great emotional bond and they are still lusting after each other, even a few years into their relationship. Some of the scenes in this book are very steamy! Although, as with most good things…..

A simple conversation (which I won’t divulge) seems to bring this married couple to their knees. It opens up a possibility that neither one of them has considered before. They close up. They don’t communicate. They feel hurt. Things happen. Secrets get revealed. Suspicions and jealousies erupt in their marriage. Their marriage doesn’t seem so perfect after all.

There is angst and drama in this book. It is realistic in the way that it’s handled and described. I ended up really wanting their relationship to work out. I did have doubts whether or not they would make it through with all of the turmoil that they both go through. I rooted for them, got mad at them, and got really nervous for them…sometimes I was afraid to keep reading.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I look forward to beginning the second book “Allure”. I know that there is a lot more to Dean and Liv’s story.

*4.5 Stars