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 By J.A. Huss

​With a student/teacher romance book, the big draw is always the forbidden element.  The readers should feel uneasy, appalled, and opposed to the whole sordid affair.  As I was reading the book, I did experience all of these feelings, but I was also completely glued to the pages. 

Eighteen is the raw, gritty, and emotional story of Shannon, a lonely girl who has lost everything.  Her only immediate plans are to skate through her classes in order to graduate on time.  When she finds out, on her eighteenth birthday no less, that she’s short in her credit requirements, she is more than a little put out.  Everything just seems to be falling apart for her.

Enter Mateo Alesci, her new trigonometry teacher.  He is handsome, sexy and completely off limits…or is he?  Being ten years Shannon’s senior, he should know better than to make a move on a student, heck, even Shannon knows that.  This doesn’t stop him from caving in to his attraction and desire.  What begins is an inappropriate, erotic affair that is unlike anything that I’ve read before.

I couldn’t help but feel for Shannon.  To say that she didn’t live a charmed life would be the understatement of the year.  Did she always make the best decisions?  Absolutely not, but she’s an eighteen year old girl who is just trying to get by.  Even though she is cognizant that her relationship with her teacher is wrong (and slightly creepy), she is drawn to the way that he makes her feel. 

Eighteen is a fast paced book that had me hooked from start to finish.  Unlike many books that have the reader wanting the two main characters to be together right from the beginning, I will admit that I was definitely on the fence about their relationship.  I wasn’t quick to trust Mr. Alesci or his intentions.  I was on edge, my heart was pounding, and my nerves were rattled.  I always appreciate it when an author takes a story to the next level, doesn’t take the easy route, makes the reader sweat it out.  J.A. Huss took a student/teacher romance book and turned it upside down, shook it up, and twisted it in a way that I absolutely loved!

*5 Stars* 


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