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Beautiful Mistake
 By Vi Keeland

​When two people meet in a bar you expect there to be a little bit of flirtation, maybe drinks are bought, some light conversation, but when Vi Keeland has two people meeting in a bar, well, sparks are definitely flying, but so are the verbal insults and accusations.  Yes, the author had my full attention right from the very beginning. 

It was hard to fault Rachel when she met Caine.  Hey, she had her girl’s back.  All she wanted to do was let the cheating jerk know just how much of a jerk he truly was.  We would all want to do the same for our own best friends, right?  Well, her rant would’ve been a lot more impressive if it had actually been doled out to the guy who had wronged her friend.  Oops!  To make matters worse, the man who faced Rachel’s ire was the professor she was going to be assisting in the upcoming academic year.  If it’s hard to make a second first impression, then Rachel was going to have her work cut out for her.  But for the reader, this just meant it was going to be a whole lot of fun.

Rachel and Caine had great chemistry right from the start.  There was an attraction, some verbal sparring, and some inappropriate banter/comments between two people who were working together, but all of this just made their interactions more heated and interesting.  I was just waiting for them to cave in to their true feelings, but I must admit that it’s the anticipation that makes for a great love story.

Despite this book being about a professor and his teaching assistant, it really didn’t focus on the forbidden aspect of their relationship.  There was so much more to this story than breaking the fraternization policy of the university.  Rachel and Caine both had painful pasts that they were trying to overcome.  They also both wanted to keep these painful memories to themselves.  The story was told from both of the character’s perspectives.  This was an important aspect to this book, allowing the reader to have a glimpse into their thoughts and motivations, and providing an impressive twist in the story.

Beautiful Mistake was a steamy, humorous, emotional read.  I went into this book expecting to smile, have a few laughs, and swoon, but I ended up feeling so much more.  

*4 Stars