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I am so glad that I finally read this book!  This is a very well written book that had all of the elements that I crave when reading a contemporary romance.  If you are looking for a book that jumps right into the romance in the first few pages, then this is not the book for you.  I would classify this book as a slow-burning romance.  I always appreciate the story, the tension, the build-up and anticipation of the romance more than just the intimate/sex scenes (not that I mind those either).  This book delivers a great story with fantastic character development that kept me happily flipping the pages from start to finish. 

The Weight of Words has a cast of characters that I liked immediately.  Aubrey Price is an intelligent young woman who is in her final year of her university degree.  She can quote Shakespeare from memory in one minute and then make a sailor blush with her potty mouth in the next – I loved her!  Maybe her nickname should have been “Sailor”!   She is witty, sarcastic, and completely relatable.  Her inner dialogue had me laughing out loud!

When Aubrey meets the T.A. from her Shakespeare class, she is immediately attracted to him.  Seriously, who wouldn’t be?!  He is handsome, intelligent, mercurial, and sexy.  Not only is he the off-limits T.A. of her class, but he is also the son of her boss – Dean Grant.  They have a mutual respect for each other’s knowledge of all things Shakespeare, but Daniel is often moody and intense, leaving Aubrey unsure of him and his feelings for her.

Oh, the tension and the chemistry between Aubrey and Daniel is palpable. When they finally admit their attraction to one another, things get complicated – quickly.  Since the university has a strict non-fraternization policy in place, they are unable to carry on a normal relationship. But Daniel is harboring a secret that only adds to his inability to be with Aubrey while she is a student in his class.

Georgina Guthrie has written a great book that has definitely left me wanting to read more.  I enjoyed her use of Shakespeare throughout the book.  The quotes added a whole new level and beauty to an already wonderful book.  As I mentioned previously, the characters were fantastic – Matt was so loyal, Julie was a great girlfriend, and Penny…I adored her British expressions and her spunk.  I can’t wait to start in on the second book in this series!

*5 Stars*

The Weight of Words
(Words Series #1)
By Georgina Guthrie