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All of the pieces are falling into place; Michael, Diomedes, the Agents of Aeneas. What I like most about A Memory in The Black is the greed and darkness of humanity (it creates such great tension in a book). This is not some altruistic future with a noble purpose. These are people just like us, just with more tools at their disposal (for good or for bad).

Since A Shadow in the Flames, Michael has come into his own, he has left Romulus behind, and decided that he does not want to follow the same path as Diomedes.

We get to see more into the psyche of Diomedes. What has made him the cold, unfeeling monster that he is? He has become more “human”, a victim of his own circumstances.

My favorite character by far is Felix. Amid the darkness, greed and corruption he is used to lighten the mood with the one liners that come at just the right time.

After A Memory in the Black, we are left with many questions. How will Michael survive? Is anyone really dead? Can the Agents of Aeneas make use of the alien spacecraft on the moon? Can humanity even be saved? I guess I’ll have to wait for the next book in the series. Michael Munz had best get writing!

4 Stars

A Memory in the Black

By Michael Munz