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The World of Pangea:  Path of the Warrior

By Michael Davies

The World of Pangea is the story of a young man, Idris.  We follow Idris from his coming of age ritual and through the next few years of his life.  Idris is a warrior, and the hopes and future of his entire people rests on his shoulders.

Michael Davies has indeed created the world of Pangea.  He has gone beyond just telling the story of Idris, he has brought to life a whole new world.  Pangea has its own cultures, history, mythology, and geography.  Each of these were intricately developed and explained without an overload of information.  We are introduced to the world of Pangea, pieces at a time.  This pace allows the reader to connect with the characters while at the same time appreciating the world in which they exist.

Idris is an interesting main character.  We follow him as he makes mistakes, and grows into a man.  I found that he was a relatable character, I could feel his pain and his torment.  I want him to succeed on his quest.  The supporting cast was very well done, each one having their own personality, personal history, and cultural difference.  They all played an intricate role in Idris’ growth and revealing a part of Pangea.

The World of Pangea was a well done story.  If you like a book that will take you away from this world and give you an escape, then it certainly fits the bill.

*4 Stars