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The neon lights and glitz of Las Vegas have done nothing but bring darkness into Presley’s world. Presley didn’t have a picture perfect childhood or a normal adolescence. She grew up in an environment that no young girl should be subjected to. Sex, alcohol, drugs, and the broken dreams and souls of countless women…that was Presley’s reality.

Presley lived a life that was completely unimaginable for most people. Her mother was a prostitute and she grew up with a brothel as her ‘Home Sweet Home’. She wanted nothing more than to break free of the only world that she has ever known. She did not want to fall victim to the same lifestyle as her mother. Despite everything, Presley still had hopes, dreams, and ambition. She wanted a college degree. She wanted to better herself. She wanted to escape the bright lights and evils of Sin City.

I couldn’t help but like Presley and want her life to be better. She lived a lonely existence, never feeling like she was good enough. She ended up living in fear most of the time – fear for her safety, fear that she would turn out like her mother, fear that people would find out where she lived, and fear that she wouldn’t ever find and experience true love.

When Emerson walks into Presley’s life, she tries her damnedest to push him away. She doesn’t believe that his motives for wanting to get to know her are genuine. She doesn’t think that a man like him could ever want to be with a girl like her – except for sex. She comes by her opinions and insecurities naturally. Who could blame her for having a less than stellar opinion of the opposite sex? All she has ever been witness to are the types of men that satiate their lustful needs in the brothel…not exactly a young woman’s fantasy of Prince Charming!

Presley and Emerson face many obstacles that a normal couple would never have to face. She carries the secrets and shame of the life that she was born into, but Emerson has had his own pain to deal with. They have both lived through their share of pain and heartache, but they seem to find a level of solace and healing when they are together.

Presley’s life would have been a lot different if she didn’t have Chrissy. I am a firm believer that everybody deserves and needs a friend like Chrissy. To say that she had Presley’s back would be the understatement of the century. Chrissy was Presley’s biggest cheerleader, her confidante, and her protector. She would definitely be my nominee for ‘Most Outstanding Best Friend of the Year’.

Working Girl is a raw and gritty book that deals with some pretty heavy subject matter. It isn’t a sugar coated romance novel…no rainbows or lollipops found in these pages! It is intense, emotional, heartbreaking, hopeful…and it delivers a helluva great twist that I didn’t see coming!

*4 Stars*

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Working Girl 
By A.E. Woodward