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We Were Here 
By Daisy Prescott

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I connected with this book on so many levels.  First of all, I graduated from university in the…ahem…90s.  This was like taking a trip back in time and reliving some of my own youthful moments with my best friends, reminiscing about past loves, tomfoolery, and remembering the culture in general.

What really made this book stand out for me was the way that it was written.  It is described as being a ‘mix tape’, and that is exactly the way it plays out.  Each character has their own section written from their point of view, and each chapter begins with the title of a song.  The songs fit the chapters perfectly, adding to the overall nostalgia of the book.    

We Were Here follows seven friends throughout their university years.  From their first introductions in their freshman year to their graduation, we get to witness their friendships blossom into something truly unforgettable. 

Daisy Prescott has created her own “Brat Pack”, so to speak.  The characters, while all from different walks of life, are all trying to find themselves, to explore their own interests, to fall in love, and to discover their own place in the world.  That’s what the college years are all about.  Okay, and it’s about getting an education, of course, but it’s the time in your life when you are generally on your own for the first time and wanting to experience as much as you can. 

It was so easy to get swept up in each of the character’s stories.  They were all so normal and relatable.  Any reader would be able to see a bit of themselves or their own friends in one or more of these characters.  It was comfortable and familiar, giving me that glimpse into my own heydays.

We Were Here is a clever, witty, heartwarming, and emotional journey back into 90s.  I enjoyed every minute that I spent reading this book.  With each chapter, I was laughing, smiling, and feeling right along with this fantastic cast of characters.  It was like taking a trip down memory lane to the tune of my youth.

*5 Stars