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Touching Down
 By Nicole Williams

Touching Down is a second chance romance between a professional football player and the woman who has owned his heart since childhood.  I will admit that when I settled in to read Touching Down I was expecting a certain type of story, but what I ended up getting was quite different.  The story between Grant and Ryan was much more than just a sports-centered romance, it was an emotional journey between two people who never stopped loving each other.

I am always drawn to a romance in which the characters have known each other since childhood.  Being childhood friends first always leads to that unbreakable bond and connection between them.  Growing up together in an impoverished, rough neighborhood, Grant and Ryan found comfort and safety in each other.  As they matured, so did their relationship, and despite their bleak and harsh surroundings they found happiness and love that should have lasted a lifetime…except it didn’t.  Ryan left Grant without a reason or a goodbye.

Fast forward more than seven years.  Grant Turner is the “it” man in football.  He has found incredible success doing what he loves, but with all of the success and admiration that comes with his position, he has never truly moved on in his personal life or stopped loving Ryan Hale.  When the death of a dear childhood friend reunites them after so many years apart, all of the familiar feelings come rushing back to the surface.  Ryan wants to have a chance to finally explain why she left.  She needs him to understand why she did the things that she did.  Ryan knows that she’s expecting a lot, but she needs him to know now more than ever.

I had so many mixed emotions while I was reading this book.  While I enjoyed the general storyline that the book had, I felt that there were certain aspects that were not quite believable.  I was torn between understanding the choices that were made and questioning them altogether.  I went back and forth between swooning over the sweetness that was Grant Turner, and shaking my head at just how sweet he was.  Don’t get me wrong, he was a likable character.  He was a wonderful, caring, forgiving, and selfless character, but he may have just been a little too perfect for me.

Touching Down will touch your heart, make you smile, and even make you reach for the nearest box of tissues.  All in all, it was an enjoyable, sweet second chance romance.  

*3.5 Stars