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How difficult would it be to live with someone that you’ve just broken up with?  This is exactly what happens to Adam and Sarah.  They should have been celebrating their engagement, instead they are both broken hearted and trying to figure out how to navigate through their lives while they are still living together.

Together Apart is a well written story that exudes emotion on every page.  Sarah and Adam were happy, they were in love, their life together seemed ideal.  With Adam’s impromptu marriage proposal, their happy life turned upside down, their relationship coming to a painful and abrupt end.

Adam doesn’t understand why Sarah rejected him and their relationship.  Why can’t they remain together and just not marry?  Sarah’s explanations leave Adam with many unanswered questions.  He begins to realize that he didn’t know Sarah quite as well as he thought he had.

As a reader, I could put myself in Adam’s shoes.  I felt sorry for him.  At the very least he deserved a proper explanation for why their relationship headed south so quickly.  One minute they’re enjoying a beautiful vacation, the next minute Sarah is shutting down completely.  But Sarah has her reasons for her rash decisions, and Adam wants nothing more than to find out what they are.

Together Apart pulled me in right from the very beginning.  I was left surmising and wondering what Sarah was hiding with every turn of the page.  I wanted her to finally confide in Adam.  I wanted them to find their happiness again.  With the scenario that they found themselves in, there was a great deal of hurt, anger, pain, and jealousy.  Turning off their emotions and feelings for one another was not easily achieved.  Adam was trying to let Sarah go.  Sarah was merely existing.

Natalie K. Martin did a great job of writing a story that made me feel.  There was nothing easy about Adam and Sarah’s situation.  Sarah had secrets that were consuming her and threatening her potential happiness.  I felt the pain, the grief, the frustration, and the heartache that the characters were feeling. I certainly enjoyed my time spent reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys an intense and emotional read.

*4 Stars*

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Together Apart 
By Natalie K. Martin