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They Rise

 By Hunter Shea

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I think that we can all remember the first time that we saw Jaws, when we were first truly terrified to go back in the water.  There is something about the water that makes us cautious.  Human beings have come to rule the earth, we are the alphas everywhere, except the oceans, lakes and rivers.  We are slow and weak in the water, a five inch piranha (basically a kitten with fins) can create panic in our minds.  Hunter Shea has pulled from this basic human fear to make us afraid to go in the water again.

Off the coast of Miami, warming water temperatures have released a monster frozen in time, setting them loose on America’s ocean playground.  A truly great horror novel plays on what could be, if I don’t believe that it could happen, the story just isn’t as terrifying.  This is what works in They Rise, a monster that is the total master of its domain - in a place where we are virtually helpless.  But beyond that, a monster that may really exist.  The potential for fiction becoming reality ups the ante on the scare factor.

No great horror can survive on story alone, it needs great characters.  I like Brad Whitley.  Although he is a bit of an arse at the beginning, he grows into a character that I want to see conquer not only the monster, but also his own demons.  Then there is Nestor, how could anyone not love Nestor?

So, if you’ve gotten over your Jaws complex, dive into They Rise and spend some more holidays gazing cautiously at the water, wondering what’s down there.

*4 Stars