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Tara Sivec has succeeded at leaving me in an emotional puddle of my own tears.  I’m not a weepy reader.  I may get a tear in my eye, sniff a bit, and blame it on allergies, but I don’t generally have big fat tears rolling down my face while I’m reading.  This book made me struggle through the final twenty-five percent – I couldn’t read the words on the page through my tear-filled, blurry eyes.  With that being said, The Story of Us provided me with an experience that I’m always searching for when choosing my next read – I want to feel the story in the pit of my stomach and I want to feel a connection to the characters.  This book was brimming with emotion.

As soon as I saw that this book was about first loves and second chances, I knew that I was going to have to add it to my reading list.  If you’re expecting a book about young love, broken hearts, and a chance at forgiveness and a fresh start, you will absolutely get that, but you will also get so much more.  The Story of Us had so many layers that added to this captivating love story.  It has all of the elements that make for a compelling read, however, it takes the reader on a deep emotional journey filled with sacrifices, secrets, lies, pain, loss, and heartache. 

It was so easy to get swept up in Shelby and Eli’s love story.  Their young relationship had ended too quickly and abruptly, with a lot of it being out of their control.  Through the hurt, the miscommunication, the outside forces against them, their relationship seemed doomed before it really had a chance to get off the ground.  Throughout the five horrific years while they were separated, the only constant was the love and devotion that they both still felt for each other.  Despite the hurt, the attempts at moving forward, and the threat of the unknown, their feelings didn’t wane.   They had both sacrificed so much for each other.  With every struggle and obstacle that they had to overcome, their love just seemed to grow stronger, strengthening each of them at their darkest, most vulnerable times.

Right from the beginning, I was rooting for this couple.  They had both been through so much, their problems seemed insurmountable, their pain - too raw and deep.  There was nothing easy about their relationship.  Even when things seemed to be going smoothly, it was as if it was the calm before the storm.  They had truths and demons to face that were preventing them from moving forward.  They needed to rely and lean on each other more than ever and not waste their second chance.

The Story of Us delivered an emotional story with characters that I was immediately invested in.  Tara Sivec not only put my poor heart through the wringer, but she also managed to surprise me.  I will admit that there was one particular part that left my jaw on the floor (shakes head in shame).   This is a beautiful, intriguing love story that will not soon be forgotten.

*4.5 Stars

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The Story of Us
By Tara Sivec