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Amelia Radley’s life took a downward turn when her boyfriend dumped her. Nobody likes to be discarded without a good reason, but it was worse for Amelia since he was in the public eye. How humiliating to see her ex-boyfriend in the newspaper with his new fiancée just one month after kicking her to the proverbial curb.

Luckily, Amelia has a very good and supportive best friend. Tina is a yoga instructor who isn’t one to be tied down (unless it’s to a bed post). She has a lot of male “friends” who are available to her with one simple phone call. She believes in sowing her wild oats, and thinks that Amelia should do the same in order to get over her heartache.

Amelia tends to be attracted to the almighty dollar. Not only is she an accountant, but she seems to be more interested in men who have large bank accounts. Status and money tend to be a determining factor in her love life. When even the most eligible bachelors don’t seem to be fitting the bill for Amelia, she is forced to take a look at what is right in front of her nose.

The Prince’s Ex is what I would classify as a “great beach read”. The characters were interesting…although Amelia needed a smack in the head sometimes. The book was well written and the story flowed well. There was drama and some turmoil, but it wasn’t at that highly emotional level that leaves the reader gutted. It was a fun, light, quick read that left me satisfied at the end of the book.

*4 Stars*

The Prince's Ex 
By Nadene Seiters