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What starts out as a harmless pact made by best friends sitting at a bar having a few drinks, turns out to loom larger than life when the magic number ‘thirty’ draws closer.

This novel was fun, sexy, sizzling, tense, and fantastic!  Karina Halle had me at Scottish brogue!  Linden McGregor is a cocky, gorgeous, ladies’ man who has swagger to spare.  He has been best friends with Stephanie Robson for years, but that’s not to say that he’s never noticed her beauty, appeal, and assets. Linden had never acted on it because they are close friends, and she had previously been in a relationship with their other good friend, James. 

I loved the style in which this book was written.  The pact is made when Linden and Steph are twenty five, and the chapters follow their ages year after year until their thirtieth birthdays.  The book also alternates between Stephanie’s point of view and Linden’s.  I always enjoy books that give us a glimpse into both character’s minds.

It was nice to read a story about characters who are a tad bit older than college age.  It was fun to see how their relationship/friendship evolved, all of the romantic relationships they endured, and the trials and tribulations of their dating lives.

Despite all of the chemistry and heat between Linden and Stephanie, there was also a good dose of tension between them and James.  James appeared to still carry a torch for Stephanie.  He was always jealous of any time that she spent alone with Linden, always suspecting that their feelings were more than friendly.

Relationships have come and gone, but when their feelings for one another prove to be stronger than either of them can ignore, they finally succumb to their desire for one another.  But of course, with any good book, it’s never that simple!

I enjoyed this book from beginning to end.  It is a well written, entertaining book that has the perfect balance of heat, humor, and romance.

*5 Stars*

The Pact - By Karina Halle