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​Reece Hatfield has made some mistakes in his life.  He has been paying the price for his bad decisions for the past five years.  He spends his days working in a tattoo parlor and his nights burying his feelings - by burying himself in random women.  It’s what he does.  He doesn’t need a connection, he just wants to feel the pleasure.  The one shining light in his otherwise dark world is his daughter, Lexie.

Becoming a tattoo artist wasn’t Reece’s life goal, but it’s the closest thing that he has to the artist that he once was – that he still is.  It’s a paying job, and he needs to pay the bills.  When Reece accepts a client who wants another generic, soul-sucking tattoo permanently etched on her skin, what he doesn’t expect is to be drawn to the young woman’s beautiful friend.

Avery Moore is a ballet dancer.  Dance has been her life since she took her first breath.  There has never been a question of what Avery would do with her life.  She lives to dance.  She comes from a family of dancers, from a privileged upper-class upbringing.  She may seem like the polar opposite to a man like Reece, but what they do share is a gift, a passion, and a respect for their respective art.

Avery sees the artist in Reece.  She doesn’t care if he lives in a poor neighborhood, if he works as a tattoo artist without a penny to his name.  She sees the man that he is, the undeniable talent that he possesses, and she just wants to be with him. 

I loved the connection between Avery and Reece.  The dancer and the artist.  Two people from different worlds who come together and who just blend into one.  They understand each other’s need to be creative.  This type of storyline has been done before, but there is just something special about the way that J.M. Darhower has created these characters.

The book is told from Reece’s perspective.  He is a dark, down on his luck type of character that doesn’t see any silver lining to his life.  He knows that he’s made mistakes and he wants to make things right, to be a better man.  It’s not all doom and gloom, though.  I thought that the story had a sweet, uplifting theme to it. There was a bit of tension in the story, but it wasn’t an angsty, nerve-wracking read.  I enjoyed the romance, the artistic side to their story, and the way that Reece was around his little girl.  How could you not like a man who’s a good father?!

This was my first experience reading a book by this author, but I can assure you that it won’t be my last.  The Mad Tatter was a very well-written book that kept my interest piqued throughout.

*4 Stars *

The Mad Tatter - By J.M. Darhower