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(This is what I truly love about my Kindle, finding that indie author that doesn’t exist elsewhere.)

As a student (former…really former!) of ancient history and classical studies, just like our hero Jacob Hunter, I love anything to do with Ancient Rome.

I was captivated by the mix of futuristic war with Ancient Rome and how Edward Crichton could put the two together. I was not disappointed.

The Last Roman throws a misfit group of soldiers from around the world back in time to post Augustan Rome (one of the most interesting periods with Caligula, Claudius and Nero). They must try to survive without affecting the timeline too much and try to find a way home.

Edward Crichton creates a cast of characters that you empathize with balanced with just the right amount of comic relief. I have already purchased the second installment in the series, To Crown a Caesar, and I plan on adding the third, Hunter and His Legion.

I would highly recommend The Last Roman to any history buff, especially anyone interested in alternate histories.

4 Stars

The Last Roman

By Edward Crichton