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When the lights go out and everyone disappears and there is not even a star in the sky, what do you do?

You keep your artificial light on and you protect it with your life.

When you hear voices, familiar yet hollow voices telling you to turn out the light, what do you do?

You keep that light on.

When you see someone turn out their light, let out a blood curdling scream and you can’t find them again, what do you do?


This is the first book that I have read by Jason Brant and it will definitely not be the last. Wow, what an incredible tale of suspense and terror. It is really hard to think of a book that I’ve read recently with a better “creepy” factor than The Dark.

Jason Brant has delivered an excellent cast of characters. Each one is so real, from the alcoholic widower to the arthritic 15 year old German Shepherd. These are all people (and dogs) we know. They all have their flaws, but in the end it is the “ordinary” hero that we want to win.

If you are looking for a great horror story that will knot up your stomach…then you definitely must read The Dark! I was left with one gnawing question…when the sun goes down, will “The Dark” return?

4.5 Stars

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The Dark – By Jason Brant