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Surprise Me

By Sophie Kinsella

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Surprise Me was just an all-around delightful read.  This novel was brimming with all of the humor, interesting, charming characters, and clever, witty writing that I expect from a book by Sophie Kinsella, but it was also filled with so much heart.  I am always drawn to books about married life, and this one piqued my interest and captivated me right from the very beginning. 

When we exchange wedding vows with our significant other, I think that we all believe that the relationship will last forever, but how long is forever?  When Dan and Sylvie Winter learn that they are the epitome of good health, they also discover that they could have another sixty-eight years left to live.  While this news would sound good to most people, Dan and Sylvie didn’t exactly rush off to crack open a bottle of champagne to celebrate.  They immediately begin to worry, do calculations, lose sleep, and dwell on how stagnant and monotonous their lives will become.  But if they can come up with ways to surprise each other, this will keep their marriage vibrant and interesting, right?  Well…it certainly made it entertaining for readers.

What made this book work so well was that it was all very relatable.  Sylvie and Dan were a normal couple with all of the normal responsibilities, challenges, and family woes – with some added shenanigans to make it interesting, of course.  After ten years together, their marriage was solid, but their lives had become predictable and routine.  The story is told from Sylvie’s point of view, and I loved being inside her head and witnessing everything unfold from her perspective.  Despite all of the mishaps and miscommunication, this couple’s journey was rife with sincerity and love.

I think I spent the majority of my time with a smile on my face, laughing, or reading passages to my husband.  I was completely invested in this couple’s marriage.  While much of the story was lighthearted, there was also a deeper emotional aspect to it.  I’m not sure if there are many authors who can make me teary-eyed one minute and then have me giggling a couple of pages later.  Surprise Me had sweetness, sexiness, angst, tension, and even a few shocking revelations.  Sophie Kinsella even ended up surprising me!

*4.5 Stars