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Strangers is a fantastic story that demonstrates David Moody's strongest skill, he is a master of describing human interaction and creating people who are real, and familiar.

I initially read a blurb for the book on his site a couple of months back, and I thought WTF?  It was so completely shocking and not what I expected. I had to know more.

Strangers is the story of Scott and his family, his wife Michelle, her two daughters from a previous marriage and his son with Michelle, George.  They have moved to the middle of nowhere...or in their case Northern Scotland, "to get a fresh start."

This story reads like a tantalizing striptease...as the story unfolds we slowly learn what is really going on.  Why has Scott moved his family to the ends of the earth?  What are these crazy murders that are taking place in this quiet, sleepy town?  The pieces of this puzzle slowly get pulled together.  The answers are shocking, disturbing and downright infuriating.

More than anything else we see David Moody's true strength.  His understanding of human relationships.  The people in Thussock and Scott's family make this story so real.  Anyone who has ever felt like an outsider can relate to Scott, Michelle and their family.  Anyone who has ever lived in a small town knows Thussock and the people who are a part of the community.  

Strangers is a story about our friends and neighbors and the friends and neighbors we wish we didn't have.  It is how ordinary, everyday people react when the shit hits the fan and no one knows who to trust.  If you love a story that gets into the darkness of the human soul, you will love Strangers.

5 Stars

Strangers - By David Moody