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Cracked Bikini’s lead singer, Mackenna Jones, knows what hit him…it was a tomato from somewhere in the crowd at his concert!  When he comes face to face with the person who was set out to humiliate him on stage, he is shocked to see that it’s the only girl who has owned his heart for years. 

Pandora’s heart was broken six years ago by Mackenna Jones.  He was her first kiss, her first boyfriend, and her first love.  He left her without any warning.  Pandora is certainly no stranger to pain.  Her father was killed in a plane crash, her mother is cold and bitter, and her boyfriend abandoned her.  She is an angry young woman who lets her hatred consume her on a daily basis.  It has made her cold and hardened.

To get out of having charges pressed against her, Pandora agrees to go on tour with the band to get filmed for their upcoming concert movie.  Their number one song is written about her after all!  She wants to attempt to stay out of Mackenna’s proximity as much as possible, but this is hard on a confined tour bus.  The sexual chemistry is still there between them, and the sparks are flying.

Pandora hates Mackenna (sure she does).  He is gorgeous, ripped, talented, sexy, and magnetic.  Yes, she is trying very hard to keep her hate for him alive, but it gets harder and harder (oh, does it ever).   As Pandora’s heart was starting to thaw, she was fearful for what was ahead for them. She was so used to keeping her feelings closed off and at bay.  The “L” word definitely didn’t fit into her vocabulary.  She didn’t want to put herself into the position of being hurt again. You can’t blame her for that.

Mackenna had his heart broken six years ago too.  She was the one woman that he just couldn’t get out of his head.  No groupie or one night stand could rid Pandora from his thoughts or his heart. 

I really enjoyed reading about Pandora and Mackenna’s story.  It was not only a great rock star romance, but it was also filled with emotion, steam, romance, and did I say steam?  Katy Evans created characters that I liked instantly.  I wanted them to get together and have their happily ever after, but they both had secrets that they were keeping from each other – secrets that could damage their relationship forever.  Yes, you have to read this book for yourself to find out all of the juicy details!

This is a fantastic second chance love story. 

*5 Stars*
Ripped (The REAL Series #5)
By Katy Evans