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This was such a great book. I really enjoyed how the author went through the childhood friendship of the two main

characters. It gave the reader a better connection to them and the special bond that they shared. This was a thoughtful and well written book that sends you on an emotional journey through the lives of two friends.

This is the story of Amanda and Noah. They have known each other for practically their whole lives. They live in the same neighborhood and their families are good friends. They played together, hung out at school together…they were inseparable. Amanda has a poor opinion of herself. She never feels like she is good enough, perfect enough. She often compares herself to her older sister and she never seems to measure up.

Amanda is cute, smart, and has a lot of other good qualities, but the only thing that she sees as perfect in her life is her friendship with Noah. Noah is her everything. Things start to change for them when they hit puberty. Their other friends can’t understand how a boy and girl can be best friends. They start to notice each other in a whole new light and realize their attraction.

Even though they both feel the same way, Amanda doesn’t want to ruin their friendship by throwing anything romantic into it. She somehow thinks that she would be the one who wouldn’t measure up and therefore, screw up their friendship. This bothers Noah and he doesn’t understand why she won’t just let him love her.

As the years pass, Amanda and Noah experience a lot – both together and on their own. Their friendship gets tested and they fight to have a place in the other’s life. Amanda always wants Noah, but she just can’t let herself have him. Noah always wants Amanda, but he gets tired of waiting for her.

This book takes you into their lives and makes you feel their emotions. It made me laugh, cry, and get frustrated. I was drawn into the story right from the beginning and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I look forward to reading more by this author.

*5 Stars* 

Present Perfect - By Alison Bailey