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 By Penelope Douglas

​​I enjoyed every minute that I spent reading this book.  Penelope Douglas has put a different spin on the forbidden element of the teacher romance – this one being between a young teacher and her student’s father.  The writing, the storyline, and the characters were all done to perfection, keeping me completely enthralled in the book from beginning to end.

When Easton Bradbury first meets Tyler Marek at a masquerade ball, their interaction is flirtatious and fleeting, neither one of them divulging much information about themselves.  Tyler was immediately captivated by Easton, regretting that their time together had ended far too quickly.  Even months later, he remembered the pull and the chemistry that he felt towards her.

Easton is a former tennis player turned history teacher.  She has just started her teaching career at a prestigious private school in New Orleans.  What is just supposed to be a routine parent/teacher open house to introduce the teachers and the curriculum for the new academic year, quickly turns into a second meeting for Easton and Tyler.  Easton is more than shocked as Tyler Marek walks into her classroom, but she tries to act professional as though they have just become acquainted.  Tyler feels as though he recognizes Ms. Bradbury as well, but since she was wearing a mask the last time they met, he is uncertain.  When he hears her first name being called out by another teacher, he realizes that the woman who had captured his interest all those months ago is standing before him. 

Tyler Marek is a commanding, rich, successful businessman.  He is used to professional success, however, he is struggling to find success in his personal life as he learns how to parent his son.  He is finding it difficult to change his ways and put someone else’s needs ahead of his own.  The desire to be a good father is there, he is just fumbling with the adjustment of having a teenage son under his roof.

The chemistry between Easton and Tyler can only be described as combustible.  He is drawn to her feisty, no holds barred attitude.  She challenges him at every opportunity, always standing up for what she truly believes in.  Despite the knowledge that they shouldn’t be together, that it’s wrong to become involved, they are too attracted to each other to deny themselves.  Their connection goes beyond just the physical, they end up needing each other more than they had anticipated.  But with Tyler’s career, political aspirations, and his need to finally put his son first, will there be enough room in his life for Easton too?

Misconduct just hit all of the marks for me as a reader.  I couldn’t have asked for a better story or characters.  I was feeling the emotions along with the characters as I was reading it.  As I was nearing the end of the book, I kept checking to see how many pages I had left…I wasn’t ready to close the book on their story.  When an author can write a book that I never want to put down, I know that I’ve hit the jackpot.  It left me in a book haze for days.  This will definitely be making my list of favorite books of 2015!

*5 Stars