Nobody writes a sports romance like Ginger Scott.  She captures the hearts of her athletes perfectly.  You don’t have to be a fan of the sport or know anything about it, her words and storytelling will pull you in, let you visualize every move, and have you completely captivated by her characters.

I haven’t watched a boxing match on television since I was a young girl.  If I’m being honest, I wasn’t really paying too much attention to it then, either.  My grandfather and father were big fans of the sport, and I couldn’t tear my eyes off of them while they were watching it.  They would duck, bob and weave as if they were the opponents in the ring.  As a young kid, I found that highly amusing.  But I remember my grandfather commenting on how the boxers were as light on their feet as some of the finest dancers.  Ginger Scott recreated this image for me as I read about Memphis Delaney.

I adored Memphis.  Every time I read a novel by this author I end up falling a little bit in love with the male protagonist.  He was hard-working, strong, kind, and had so much heart.  It didn’t seem to matter what life had thrown at him, he was determined and fully committed to hone his craft and be the best that he could be.  He was an admirable man in so many ways.  He wasn’t deterred by a bit of hard work or a challenge, which ended up coming in handy when he was trying to get to know Liv Valentine.

This author’s strength is in her ability to create characters.  I feel for them, I live the story right alongside of them, and I always find myself in their corners cheering them on.  Liv Valentine was a strong, resilient, brave woman.  She had experienced her own share of knock downs in her life, but just like any good fighter, she got right back up again.  The last thing that she ever wanted to do was get involved with a man like her father – a professional boxer.  She knew that lifestyle too well, and she didn’t need to do a repeat of her mother’s life.  But Memphis wasn’t like dear old dad.  His fortitude and goodness were challenging all of her original beliefs.  I just wanted to reach through my Kindle and give her a little push in the right direction – his direction.

I always get a little something more out of Ginger Scott’s novels.  As I mentioned, you don’t need to be a sports fan to be a fan of her novels. She will win you over with her heartfelt stories and her perfectly flawed, realistic characters.  For Memphis and Liv, regardless of their upbringings or their challenges, they dusted themselves off and got back into the ring, choosing to be the better people. We could probably all use a bit of an athlete’s mentality when dealing with life.  Believe.  Persevere.  Triumph.

*4.5 Stars

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By Ginger Scott