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This book had me intrigued. Even the cover of the book isn’t something that I would normally be drawn to, but what a surprise it was…I loved it!

The story starts out with Lily. She was living at home again after a bad break-up with her abusive boyfriend. It is holiday time and her mother asks her to go take the new neighbor a plate of dinner…she is hesitant, but she does it anyway. This guy is huge, he has scars, and he doesn’t look like he is in the mood to chit chat. Jay Lincoln is a man with secrets and a past that he is trying to avenge. Lily is drawn to Jay despite his gruff exterior and she wants to get to know him.

When Lily is attacked at a local bar where Jay is the bouncer, he goes into protective overdrive. He takes it upon himself to teach her some self-defence moves and they grow closer. He shows Lily a much softer side of him and they grow to have feelings for each other.

Jay’s past catches up with him and it sucks Lily in too. Soon Lily finds herself tangled up in Jay’s world of danger, revenge, and murder. This book has a little bit of everything action, suspense… and the romance was intense. I was certainly not disappointed with this book and I am looking forward to Part II so that I can find out what happens next with Lily and Jay.

5 Stars

Marked – Part 1: The Missing Link
By J.M. Sevilla