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​​Keep Her Safe was a great way to begin my reading for 2018.  It has set the bar high for all of the other books that I will be reading this year.  I was expecting a riveting, suspenseful book with twists and turns that would keep glued to the pages, and that was exactly what I got.

This is a superbly written novel that pulled me in immediately and didn’t let me go until the very end.  K.A. Tucker has given her readers a story that is as intricately woven as the finest web.  Half of the fun of reading a suspense novel is attempting to figure it all out before it unfolds at your fingertips.  With several twists and turns along the way, I was kept on high alert, suspicious of almost every character that I encountered.  I wasn’t sure who I could trust, what their true motives were, or what was awaiting me on the following pages.  I think that we all like to fancy ourselves as being pretty good amateur detectives/sleuths when reading a suspense novel, but at the same time, nothing is better than having an author pull the rug out from under us, completely surprising the reader with a twist that we never saw coming.  K.A. Tucker succeeded at shocking me, taking me completely off guard, and making my jaw drop.  Thank you!

I was instantly invested in the story and the characters.  From the main characters to the minor characters, the author created them all with such care and depth.  I felt as if I knew them, they became familiar to me, I cared for them, and I was drawn into their lives.  Throughout the entire book, I was able to visualize every part as it played out.  It all flowed effortlessly, with a perfect pace, building up the story and the anticipation for what was going to be uncovered.

While reading Keep Her Safe, I wanted nothing more than to be convinced that there is still some honest, good, true people out there.  It made me doubt the characters, their honor, and their respectable positions that they held in their community and in their own families.  I think that it’s human nature to want to believe the best in people.  We need to see the tiniest shred of light and goodness, despite all of the dark and ugly parts of the world and humankind.  We want goodness to prevail over evil.  K.A. Tucker touched on the dark and disturbing nature of the people that we hold in the highest esteem, she made it realistic and completely plausible.

Keep Her Safe is a fantastic suspenseful novel that just hit all of the marks for me.  It is an intense, intriguing, and consuming reading experience, but throughout all of the intensity, there are still a number of lighthearted scenes which left a smile on my face (shout out to Cyclops).  While it is a suspense novel at heart, there is also a budding romance that added a little something extra to the overall story.  I felt a plethora of emotions while reading this novel, but the final one was just being happy to be a reader.

*5 Stars

Keep Her Safe 
  By K.A. Tucker

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