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As someone who reads a lot of books in the romance genre, let me start out by saying that the concept of this novel was different from any that I have read before. It has a hot guy and a beautiful girl, but the way their “story” comes together is quite unique.

Julien Breaux is a man that most women would probably find intriguing. He’s a fighter (MMA), he’s gorgeous, he wears his hair in a short mohawk (that exposes a birthmark on his head), and the list could go on and on. Even though Julien could probably have almost any woman that he sets his sights on, he isn’t “that guy”. He is holding out for the one woman who just feels right.

Shea is an author who takes classes at the gym where Julien works and trains. She thinks that Julien would be the perfect muse for her upcoming romance novel. When she approaches him, he is flattered by the idea. He will not only be the cover model for her new book, but the male lead character will also be loosely based on his life.

When Shea’s book gets released, Julien becomes the target for a lot of female attention. They start showing up at the gym pretending that their name is Nadine, the lead female character in the novel. Needless to say, this starts to irritate Julien (although his co-workers find it quite amusing).

When a woman with the name Nadine joins the gym, Julien is automatically angry and doubts that she is being honest about her identity. She has the same physical features as the girl in the novel, the same French accent, and the same job as a teacher. Nadine has never read the novel that Shea wrote. She has no idea what all the fuss is about. When Julien finally believes that Nadine is actually her real name and that she has no knowledge of the book, he allows himself to fall for her.

Things start getting strange and eerie when real life starts mimicking the storyline in the book. Julien and Nadine’s life together seems to be living out parallel to a work of fiction. This becomes a big obstacle in their new relationship. I can’t really blame them, this would be a very freaky thing to live through, especially if the book had some disturbing situations.

This book had an interesting concept. The scene was set for the two main characters to have a ton of drama and angst, I just wish that they had more of it. I enjoyed the book, but I am a sucker for punishment…I like turmoil and heartache in a story.

3 Stars

Julien’s Book – By Casey McMillin