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I’m not the type of reader to shy away from a fictional love triangle… I’ll run right to it.  I am always drawn to the tension, the pull, and the decision that will ultimately have to be made between two characters.  Molly McAdams has written a love story that ended up pulling me in different directions.  It was emotional, intense, and surprising.

Whenever I read a book that has a love triangle, I generally have one character that I am rooting for more than the other.  There is usually one who seems to be a better fit for the character, who has more redeeming qualities, and who makes my own heart flutter a little bit faster.  I See You had two love interests that I honestly liked from the beginning of the book until the end.  I think that I was as torn as Aurora was.  They were both great guys in their own ways.  For the better part of the book, I was unsure of which character I wanted her to end up with.  But that’s what made this book work so well.  The choice was not an easy one.  While Aurora was stressing out over her love life, I was stressing out right along with her.

Aurora wanted to experience one night where she could just let go.  That one night resulted in her sharing an intimate encounter with a man who she would not soon forget.  She didn’t get his name.  She didn’t need it.  It was only supposed to be one night of uninhibited passion, nothing more.  But that one night with a stranger ended up being an experience that would be ingrained in her heart and soul. 

When Aurora met Declan, he was charming, perfect, and everything that any woman would want.  Their relationship moved forward and they were happy together.  Well, as happy as she could be with his mother sticking her nose in every day.  Seriously, I’m not sure that I have ever loathed a character more than that woman!  Gah!  Despite being in a committed relationship with a great guy, Aurora still couldn’t rid herself of the memories from that one night.  But Aurora had moved on.  What was the likelihood that she would ever come face to face with him again, right?  Mm hmm…this is where it gets very interesting!

When her past collides with her present, Aurora’s feelings are all over the place.  She has a good life with Declan, but the passion that she shared with Jentry is still in the forefront of her mind.  How can she possibly move on with one man when she can’t get the other one off her mind?  But there is so much more to this story.  She is in a very uncomfortable position.  Her actions and choices will be hurtful either way.

I See You is an emotional, gripping love story.  It is told from the past and present day.  This back and forth, in my opinion, added to the twists that were discovered along the way.  Molly McAdams has written a romance that will keep you riveted to the pages until the end.

*4 Stars


I See You
 By Molly McAdams