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Elaine Radley does an excellent job of writing a short story with a lot of punch.  This is a friends to lovers story - and it does not disappoint. 

Katherine and Dominic are both divorced and available.  They have been good friends for years, but there is an attraction between them that has been simmering under the surface.  Katherine may not want to ruin their friendship by getting intimately involved with Dominic, but their chemistry and flirtations become too much for her to handle.   

This short story would have made a fantastic full length novel.  The author is good at building up the tension between the characters, which in my opinion is better than any love scene.  I would definitely recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a quick, entertaining, sexy read.  If she can write such a good short story, I would like to see what she could do with a full length novel!

*4.5 Stars*

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Friendly Temptation 
By Elaine Radley