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Dark Corners Collection  


By Jennifer McMahon

This fast-paced little piece of fiction certainly packed a punch.  That’s exactly what I want from a short story or novella.  It needs to pull the reader in right from the beginning, keep you intrigued, and then hit you with a shocking, revealing moment. 

Hannah-Beast was the perfect indulgence for a cool, rainy, bleak afternoon.  I was in the mood for a creepy story, and this one certainly fit the bill.  As I was reading, I could visualize every little detail that was playing out.  Jennifer McMahon did a fantastic job of delivering an eerie story with a horrific twist.

*5 Stars 


The Sleep Tight Motel

By Lisa Unger

There is something about the fall that makes me want to wrap myself in a blanket and curl up with a chilling read.  The Sleep Tight Motel was a quick, entertaining story that kept my blood pumping in anticipation.

I’m always intrigued by a book in which a character is on the run, trying to get away from a villainous character.  Give me a chase scene, and I’m even happier.  That feeling of constantly needing to look over your shoulder, to escape, and to hide is a theme that always chills me to the bone.  Lisa Unger did a great job of creating a creepy, intense read that readers can indulge in for under an hour.

*4 Stars

​The Tangled Woods

By Emily Raboteau

I’ve been enjoying my little break times with the stories from the Dark Corners CollectionThe Tangled Woods is a dark tale of humanity, and sometimes these stories are the most frightening because they are not really a far stretch from reality. 

If I’m being honest, at first I was a bit wary of this story.  We are inundated with politics these days, and when I sit down to read, I want to just lose myself in a story and forget about all the current political drama and strife.  Do I want to put my head in the sand?  When I’m reading, yes, I do.  This story started out with a few political references, but it moved forward from it, and it became an interesting read.

Reginald Wright is an unlikable character right from the start, but I don’t really mind a despicable character when it’s obvious that it’s intentional, in fact, oftentimes I love to hate them.  Even though this story is a bit dark, I did find a bit of humor in the family’s weekend away.  We’ve all gone away for a fun-filled family getaway, only to find ourselves at our wit’s end with our loved ones from time to time.  It may have been more over the top (at least I hope so), but it was still amusing and relatable.

The Tangled Woods is a well-written story that teeters on the edge of horror and darker topics.  It grabbed me from the get-go and kept me entertained.

*4 Stars                                       

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