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This book picks up right where Ignite left off. You must read Ignite first so that you can understand the story, trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Sara is being held captive by Remy, the V.P. of the Black Backed Jackals Motorcycle Club. Remy has had a fascination and obsession with Sara for most of her life. He is definitely a biker to be feared, they don’t call him “Reaper” for nothing. He wants Sara for himself, he desperately wants her to be his “old lady”. Sara is struggling with her feelings for Remy. On the one hand, she knows that he kidnapped her and that he is bad news, but on the other hand, she is starting to feel things for Remy. She thinks that her emotional ties to him are because he has been the only person in her midst since her abduction. He is taking care for her and she is confusing this for love.

Jaxon Barlow has an informant in the Jackals gang. He is getting information from the informant so that he can find out how Sara is. Sara thinks about Jaxon all of the time and she hopes that he can get her out of this situation with Remy and the Jackals. Gang loyalties run deep and Jaxon doesn’t feel that he can risk his gang to save Sara.

This author knows how to weave a good story! The story was intense, action packed, and kept me on the edge of my seat. I enjoy a book that keeps me guessing…and there was a lot to be figured out! I found myself thinking, “Ah-Ha!” on many different pages.

I really enjoyed reading Burn. The author had a note inside of the book saying that she would be writing a book based on Remy’s story….that should be a good one! I loved the relationship between the main characters, albeit quite dysfunctional (it was still pretty hot).

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an intense, gritty, suspense-filled, roller coaster of a love story! I will be anxiously awaiting R.J. Lewis’ next book.

5 Stars

Burn – By R.J. Lewis