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Oh, Brother!  What can I say about this book?  I knew I should expect something dark, disturbing and twisted, but Ania Ahlborn upped the ante on all of that by 120%.  Brother is one of the most spine-tingling, twisted family tales that I have ever read, the WTF moments just keep coming and coming.

Ania Ahlborn slowly introduces her readers into the life of Michael Morrow, with flashes into his young childhood to the time in which the story is set (Michael at 20 years old).  You’ve read the synopsis, you know that there is some bad shit going on at the Morrow homestead.  How bad is it?  Holy h-e-double hockey sticks, prepare yourself because you have no idea!  Sometimes I really have to wonder where authors get these ideas.

Michael and his brother, Rebel, really drive this story forward.  It is amazing how we can switch from one point of view to the other within this demented story.  Each of these two boys have been poisoned by their environment, we are brought into their minds where we learn the how and why behind the things that they do.

I have to say that Brother was running at about a five plus star rating until I hit that sledge hammer moment (or maybe I was just hit by a sledge hammer).  It was going into the final stages of the book, I never saw that pivotal moment coming.  I absolutely love it when an incredible plan comes together, especially when it’s an evil, twisted, revolting plan.

Brother is a must-read for horror fans.  It is always great to see new authors creating works like this.  Brother is a masterpiece in the thriller/horror genre, from a fearless author who is willing to push the boundaries and reset the bar for what can be written.

*5 Stars

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By Ania Ahlborn