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This was a non-stop, pulse pounding read right from the first page.  Immediately, it had me wondering what was going on, what was going to happen, and had me imagining various scenarios. 

Blow is filled with danger, intrigue, mystery, and plenty of steamy and sensual scenes.  Logan is a professional, charismatic, handsome man who was brought up being accustomed to both the high life and the criminal underworld.  He is a bad boy all dressed up in a tailored suit.  Elle is a feisty, beautiful woman who is gets caught up in a very dangerous situation – a situation that could put her life, and the lives of those she cares about, in grave jeopardy.

Told from both Logan’s and Elle’s perspectives, complete with flashbacks, Blow provides the reader with an insight into each character’s mind.  Both Elle and Logan have issues from their pasts that weigh heavily on them.  They have both witnessed unthinkable actions.  These actions have ultimately shaped their beliefs and who they’ve become as adults. 

Logan and Elle’s attraction was immediate, but not in the insta-love, lovey dovey, overly saccharine way that is too quick and unlikely.  Yes, it all does happen quickly because of the seven day timespan, but it doesn’t leave you with that rushed, unrelatable feel that some stories leave you with.   Kim Karr did a fantastic job of making the chemistry and need between these two characters palpable.  They knew that they shouldn’t be together, that it was undeniably dangerous, but their raw feelings were just too much for either of them to control.

With a cast of characters that leaves you wondering who you can and cannot trust, Blow is brimming with gritty danger, secrets, and suspense.  It is an adrenaline rush that has left me wanting and needing more of this thrilling story.

*5 Stars


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(Book 1 in the Tainted Love Duet)
 By Kim Karr