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I was very excited when I heard that Jamie McGuire was going to be writing a book about Trent Maddox. I have read and reread Beautiful Disaster…and Travis Maddox is a pretty hard leading character to beat! If anyone could compete in the strong alpha male category, it would definitely be his older brother, Trent.

Beautiful Oblivion tells the story of Cami and Trent. Cami and Trent have known each other for years. They both grew up in the same town and attended the same schools. Trent, being a Maddox boy, was rough, ready to fight and popular with the ladies. Cami knew the brothers and the reputation that followed them and chose to always keep a safe distance from them. She knew only too well what it was like to grow up in a testosterone filled house.

Trent was attracted to Cami for a long time. While she believed that he didn’t know that she existed, he was longing to love her. Their relationship starts out slowly. She is in a long distance relationship and has no interest in interrupting it. Trent is persistent in becoming Cami’s friend…persistence obviously runs in the Maddox family. They do develop a real friendship, but deeper feelings brew and this creates a problem for Cami.

I don’t want to get into too many details about the book. If you were a big fan of Beautiful Disaster, then you will definitely enjoy Beautiful Oblivion. Both books take place during the same timeframe and you are reintroduced to some of the characters, such as Jason Brazil, Abby, Shepley, America and Travis (of course). I really enjoyed this aspect of the book. It was kind of like meeting up with old friends again. Beautiful Oblivion is its own story though, so it isn’t a re-telling of Beautiful Disaster.

I enjoyed the chemistry between the characters, the sexual tension, and the back and forth between the characters. Cami and Trent had terrific banter – they could bicker and make up like nobody’s business! Once again, Jamie McGuire made a rough, tattooed, feisty, womanizer melt my heart.

There was a big twist in the book, but unfortunately for me…I had it figured out right from the get-go. I chalk this up to having read Beautiful Disaster multiple times and just knowing the story and characters really well. Knowing the twist didn’t ruin the book for me, I still really enjoyed reading it. It would’ve been nice to have that big “Wha Wha What?!!!” moment, but c’est la vie.

* 4 Stars*

Beautiful Oblivion 
By Jamie McGuire