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It pains me to write this review, almost as much as it pained me to finish this book.  I’ve always enjoyed Charlaine Harris’ writing: the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series, Harper Connelly, Midnight, Texas.  When I saw that Harris had a brand-new, what I would call, dystopian/fantasy, I was all in.

An Easy Death simply did not meet my expectations.  I’ve always loved the way that Harris could make me laugh out loud through a unique dark story.  While Lizbeth Rose had a constant stream of sarcasm flowing from her mouth, it just didn’t hit the mark.

Did Harris create a new concept of a dystopian world with An Easy Death?  Absolutely.  Was Lizbeth Rose a well-developed, strong heroine?  Definitely.  Sometimes this just isn’t enough.  An Easy Death was dragged out far too long with too much repetitive action:  Lizbeth leaves town escorting her charges, she kills bad guys, arrives in the next town, has a bath, changes clothes, repeat.  Come on, Charlaine, you can do better than this.

If you don’t know Charlaine Harris, (what rock are you living under?) I would have to say that An Easy Death is not the best place to start.  Go for Dead Until Dark or Midnight Crossroad.  From a technical aspect, there is nothing wrong with An Easy Death, but it felt like the story was tossed together just to get a book out.

*3 Stars

An Easy Death


By Charlaine Harris